e3 Strategies
e3 Strategies came to Butterfly Farm Design looking for a site redesign. Like many clients, Stephanie Eskins had worked with a number of different people over the years to create a web presence for her business. What she was seeking from us in the next version was clarity of design and information in the next version of her website. e3 What we delivered in the redesign was a clean, strong and well framed look. More importantly however, was much clearer definition of the information that her users encountered. The site went from five key pages of long scrolling content to a few key areas of information that was parse into se per ate pages based on content.

We love the look of the new e3 site and continued with Stephanie to create a WordPress customization for her to post new content as she moved through new projects. The WordPress addition allows her to add content on her own while keeping the format of the corporate site as a stand-alone entity. e3 BLOG
Chemical South Transport
Chemical South Transport is a local Savannah business that specializes in transporting hazardous materials and liquid bulk chemicals. This is the second version of the Chemical South site that we have had the opportunity to work on. When approaching our redesign of the original presence we created for Chemical South it was important to us not to change the content, as it remained primarily the same, but to create a clean look that imparted a sense of safety and security to the viewer.Chem South
In achieving this we opted for a very limited pallet focusing on punches of green from their existing logo in an otherwise an all grey-scale look.

Not exactly.


Chem South

One of the primary users of this site are drivers with chemical experience. It was important for us to keep them in mind when creating the new site. We installed a quick, secure and flexible contact form for interested drivers to inquire about new opportunities. Site traffic to this page increased 300% in less than two months as a result of the simplicity and ease of this inquiry form.

KenCraft Manufacturing


Lola's Barracks
lola's barracks

Design for Instruction


One of the sub-specializations of Butterfly Farm Design's Principle, Sarah Arkins, is design for instruction.

Her work designing PowerPoints for classroom use to developing full scale online courses with SMEs has won her a number of awards and contracts over the years.

For more information on her work in design for instruction please go to: Instructional Clarity for more information or simply contact us through Butterfly Farm Design.